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List of Path of Exile related applications

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  • Only add desktop or phone applications; websites-based apps should be added to List of Path of Exile related websites
  • Do not add dead, outdated or unmaintained applications
  • Do not add applications that violate GGG's policies, in particular:
    • hacking/cheating/bots
    • real-money-trading applications

Offical Clients

Link Server(s) Description Language OS
Windows Linux Mac
International Standalone Texas (US)
Washington, D.C. (US)
California (US)
Miami (US)

Amsterdam (EU)
London (EU)
Frankfurt (EU)
Milan (EU)
Paris (EU)
Sao Paulo (BR)
Moscow (RU)
Singapore (SG)
Thailand (TH)

Path of Exile Standalone Client English
International Steam Like standalone International Path of Exile Steam Client.
Note that steam implements region-locking;
consider the stand-alone client if the steam version does not work.
Xbox One Like standalone Mostly the same as the standalone with some GUI changes and only supports in game trading.
Popular trading websites only supports PC.
Garena Taiwan Taiwan Garena Taiwan Path of Exile Client. Traditional Chinese
Tencent China China Tencent China Path of Exile Client.
Closed Beta in 2016 May
Simplified Chinese



Link Author(s) Description Language(s) OS
Windows Linux Mac
PoESkillTree EmmittJ Offline skill tree planner C#
Path of Building Openarl Offline build planner Lua
Acquisition xyzz Inventory management tool C++
Procurement Stickymaddness Inventory management tool C#
Filtration ben-wallis Item filter editor C#
PoE Watcher Glorf Item search tool Python
Should work
Map Watch JDHatten Map Progress tool Python
Should work Should work
PoE-TradeMacro Eruyome Automatic Price checking script AHK
POE-Trades-Companion lemasato Trading enhancement tool AHK

Development Resources

Link Author(s) Description Language OS
Windows Linux Mac
libggpk MuxaJIbI4
GGPK Viewer, API for .ggpk and .dat files,
based on BrahminRamen's libggpk, rewrited by MuxaJIbI4
PyPoE OmegaK2 API for working with Path of Exile file formats and various other PoE-related APIs, GGPK Viewer interface/app, exporting scripts for the wiki and dat files Python 3.4+
VisualGGPK2 Chriskang (currently not maintained) GGPK Viewer, API for .ggpk and .dat files,
based on BrahminRamen's libggpk


Link Author(s) Description Language OS
Windows Linux Mac
GGPK Defragmenter Zoxc Loading performance increase tool Ruby

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