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Crown of the Tyrant

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Crown of the Tyrant
Magistrate Crown
Quality: +20%
Armour: 192
Energy Shield: 37
Requires Level 58, 64 Str, 64 IntHas 1 Socket
+(50-100) to maximum Life
Nearby Enemies have -10% to all Resistances
You and Nearby Allies have 64 to 96 added Fire Damage per Red Socket
You and Nearby Allies have 56 to 88 added Cold Damage per Green Socket
You and Nearby Allies have 16 to 144 added Lightning Damage per Blue Socket
You and Nearby Allies have 47 to 61 added Chaos Damage per White Socket
You will know if your subjects follow you from fear or respect when you have your first moment of weakness.
If it's the former, they will tear you into pieces like rabid dogs.
Crown of the Tyrant inventory icon.png
League(s): Delve
Crown of the Tyrant drops from Aul, the Crystal King.
Purchase Costs
Unique5x Chaos Orb
Sell Price
14x Alchemy Shard
3x Alteration Shard
Item class: Helmets

Crown of the Tyrant is a unique Magistrate CrownMagistrate CrownArmour: 160
Energy Shield: 31
Requires Level 58, 64 Str, 64 Int


Allies can be affected by a single instance of added damage effect of each damage type, reduced resistance effect doesn't stack.

Item acquisition

This item is restricted to areas with the league flag for Delve active. There are additional ways to acquire league-restricted items, see League-specific unique items for more details. Crown of the Tyrant drops from Aul, the Crystal King.

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

5Alone in the DarknessAlone in the Darkness5Delve Item"Sometimes, the most beautiful treasures...are the ones you cannot have."
- Beryl, Survivor from the Azurite Mines"
random unique Delve item[citation needed]

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.