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Chaos OrbStack Size: 10Reforges a rare item with new random propertiesRight click this item then left click a rare item to apply it.
Shift click to unstack.
Chaos Orb inventory icon.png
Level: 12
Sell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Stackable Currency
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Currency/CurrencyRerollRare

A Chaos Orb is a currency item that can be used to re-roll the random modifiers on a piece of rare equipment.


Chaos Orbs are uncommon currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist's Strongboxes.

Vendor recipes

They can be obtained by the following 'full rare set' vendor recipes:

Result Level of lowest-level item
1× Chaos Orb 60 to 74
2× Chaos Orb 60 to 74, all unidentified OR all 20% quality
3× Chaos Orb 60 to 74, all unidentified AND all 20% quality

Divination cards

  • A set of 1  Chaotic Disposition  Chaotic Disposition15x  Chaos Orb Life isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.  can be exchanged for five Chaos Orbs.
  • A set of 5 Emperor's Luck1 can be exchanged for five Chaos Orbs.
  • A set of 8  Rain of Chaos  Rain of Chaos8 Chaos Orb Fire filled the sky that night
    Chaos reigned
    Where the shards fell
    All was destroyed
    -Jozen Kasigi, retelling an urban legend of the Cataclysm
    can be exchanged for a Chaos Orb.
  • A set of 7  Three Faces in the Dark  Three Faces in the Dark73x  Chaos Orb For every threat you spy in the shadows, there are two others you don't.  can be exchanged for three Chaos Orbs.
  • A set of 8  The Wrath  The Wrath810x  Chaos Orb "Daughter of catastrophe, mother of pain. Amongst the filth of Wraeclast, she wanders, and her wrath follows." - Quintoon the Returned  can be exchanged for ten Chaos Orbs.

1Not guaranteed (set grants 5 of any random currency)


Chaos Orbs are useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers (and the number of modifiers) on a rare item. This makes for unpredictable results, so getting a specific modifier is not easy. Using multiple Chaos Orbs on a piece of equipment in the hopes of getting at least a few good modifiers is called 'Chaos spamming'.

These orbs also play an important role in trading. They are the "silver standard" in the player-driven economy and are often used to buy low to mid tier items.

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