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Winter Mystery Box

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Winter Mystery BoxContains an unknown item.Mystery Box (1x1) inventory icon.pngSell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Microtransactions

The Winter Mytery Box[1] was sold from Dec 17th in 2015 to Jan 5th in 2016 for a price of 15 points.

There was also a free Winter Mystery Box for every player as a Christmas gift from GGG[2].

It contained one of the following microtransactions randomly:

  • Swordfish Ice Spear EffectSwordfish Ice Spear EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Ice Spear becomes a shattering icy swordfish.
  • Arctic SkullArctic SkullHelmet Skin
    Stack Size: 20
    Changes the appearance of any equipped headdress to an icy skull
  • Arctic Portal EffectArctic Portal EffectPortalThis character's portals use the Arctic effect.
  • Arctic Skull Aura EffectArctic Skull Aura EffectSkill Gem EffectYour aura effect becomes a circling, freezing skull.
  • Arctic Lynx PetArctic Lynx PetPetSummons your pet
  • Stormcloud Arctic Armour EffectStormcloud Arctic Armour EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Arctic Armour becomes a stormcloud that showers ice on you.
  • Ice CrownIce CrownHelmet AttachmentAdds an ice crown to any equipped headdress
  • Cold Grasp EffectCold Grasp EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Cold Snap becomes a grasping hand of frost
  • Arctic Footprints EffectArctic Footprints EffectFootprintsAdds icy footprints to any equipped pair of boots.
  • Arctic Weapon EffectArctic Weapon EffectWeapon Effect
    Stack Size: 20
    Adds a freezing effect to any equipped weapon
  • SnowSnowfallStack Size: 20Creates an object in your hideout1 VariationShift click to unstack.Favour cost: 0 (Exclusive)
  • Wolf PetWolf PetPetSummons your pet
  • Arctic Ice Nova EffectArctic Ice Nova EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Ice Nova becomes a swirling ring of arctic wind.
  • Ice CrystalIce CrystalStack Size: 20Creates an object in your hideout5 VariationsShift click to unstack.Favour cost: 0 (Exclusive)
  • Northern Light EffectNorthern Light EffectConsumable Effect
    Stack Size: 100
    Create a vibrant aurora above your character.
  • Arctic BootsArctic BootsBoots SkinChanges the appearance of any equipped boots to the Arctic boots.
  • Arctic GlovesArctic GlovesGloves SkinChanges the appearance of any equipped gloves to the Arctic gloves.
  • Arctic Body ArmourArctic Body ArmourBody Armour SkinChanges the appearance of any equipped body armour to the Arctic body armour.
  • Arctic HelmetArctic HelmetHelmet SkinChanges the appearance of any equipped headdress to the Arctic helmet.

and came therefore in 2 sizes: Mystery Box (1x1) inventory icon.pngMystery Box (2x2) inventory icon.png

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.


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