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"Weapon swap" is a keybind that allows characters to switch from 2 different sets of weapons, shields, quivers and unarmed attacks.


  • Characters can switch weapon sets at any time in the fight.
  • Weapons that characters use the majority of the time are called primary weapons.
  • Weapons that characters use the minority of the time are called secondary weapons.
  • Gems placed in a secondary weapon that is not being used will still gain experience.
  • You can store vaal gems on your secondary weapon after they get full of souls and they will not lose souls.
  • Switching to a secondary weapon set with % Item quality and/or %Item Rarity and culling strike when the enemy is at 10% or less life, will give more item drops and better odds for uniques ands rares.
  • The most common use for swapping weapons is to gain the benefits of snapshot on your secondary weapon.