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"A waypoint in the Library."
A waypoint in the Library.

Waypoints are a way to fast travel between different zones, acts and difficulties. They appear as blue shapes in the overlay map, and display as white when moused-over.

Waypoint UI

When you click a waypoint, the quest UI is displayed, but you can click an Area with Active Waypoint to travel there. Ctrl+Click the Area with Active Waypoint in the map to display the Instances UI, where you can create a new instance to a zone or join an existing one. This is especially useful when playing with a party or in a cutthroat league.

"Waypoint map for act 1"

Zones with Waypoints

Once you have a hideout, your hideout waypoint will appear in the bottom right corner of every act and difficulty map.

Act 1

Lioneye's Watch
The Coast (located near the entrance to The Tidal Island and The Mud Flats)
The Submerged Passage
The Ledge
The Climb
The Lower Prison
Prisoner's Gate
The Ship Graveyard
The Cavern of Wrath

Act 2

The Southern Forest
The Forest Encampment
The Crossroads
The Broken Bridge
The Crypt Level 1
The Chamber of Sins Level 1
The Western Forest
The Wetlands
The Riverways
The Northern Forest
The Caverns Level 2

Act 3

The City of Sarn
The Sarn Encampment
The Crematorium
The Warehouse Sewers
The Marketplace (located near Marceus the Defaced)
The Battlefront
The Solaris Temple Level 1
The Solaris Temple Level 2
The Docks
The Ebony Barracks (located near the entrance to the sewers)
The Lunaris Temple Level 1
The Imperial Gardens
The Library
The Sceptre of God
The Aspirants Plaza

Act 4

The Aqueduct
The Crystal Veins
The Grand Arena
Kaom's Stronghold
The Harvest

Act 5

The Slave Pens
Overseer's Tower
The Chamber of Innocence
The Ruined Square
The Cathedral Rooftop
The Reliquary

Act 6

Lioneye's Watch
The Coast
The Ridge
The Lower Prison
Prisoner's Gate
The Western Forest
The Riverways
The Southern Forest
The Beacon
The Brine King's Reef

Act 7

The Bridge Encampment
The Crossroads
The Crypt
The Chamber of Sins
The Den
The Ashen Fields
The Northern Forest
The Causeway
The Vaal City

Act 8

The Sarn Ramparts
The Sarn Encampment
The Toxic Conduits
The Grain Gate
The Imperial Fields
The Solaris Temple
The Solaris Concourse
The Bath House
The Lunaris Concourse
The Lunaris Temple

Act 9

The Blood Aqueduct
The Vastiri Desert
The Foothills
The Tunnel
The Quarry

Act 10

Oriath Docks
The Ravaged Square
The Reliquary
The Desecrated Chambers


The Templar Laboratory


Name Description
Locomancer achievement icon.jpg
Tag each waypoint in each difficulty as one character.

Version history

Version Changes
  • A Waypoint has been added to The Solaris Temple Level 1.
  • The Waypoint in Chamber of Sins Level 2 has been moved to Chamber of Sins Level 1.
  • The Waypoint in The Marketplace has been moved near Marceus the Defaced.
  • The Waypoint in The Ebony Barracks has been moved closer to the entrance to the sewers.
  • The Twilight Strand was removed from the game.
  • Added a waypoint to the Aspirants' Plaza which can be used to access the Plaza from any other waypoint.
  • The Waypoint in The Mud Flats has been moved to The Coast.
  • A Waypoint has been added to The Riverways.
  • The Dark Forest "The Blackwood" has been removed.
  • The Vaal Ruins Level 1 and Vaal Ruins Level 2 have been merged. Its waypoint has been removed.
  • A new area, The Northern Forest, has been added. This area has a waypoint.
  • Lunaris Temple Level 1 and Lunaris Temple Level 2 have been merged. The waypoint is now in this merged area.