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"A waypoint in the Library."
A waypoint in the Library.

Waypoints are a way to fast travel between different zones, acts and difficulties. They appear as blue shapes in the overlay map, and display as white when moused-over.

Waypoint UI

When you click a waypoint, the quest UI is displayed, but you can click an Area with Active Waypoint to travel there. Ctrl+Click the Area with Active Waypoint in the map to display the Instances UI, where you can create a new instance to a zone or join an existing one. This is especially useful when playing with a party or in a cutthroat league.

"Waypoint map for act 1"

Zones with Waypoints

Act 1

[01][1] Lioneye's Watch
[02] The Coast
[03] The Submerged Passage
[04] The Ledge
[05] The Climb
[06] The Lower Prison
[07] Prisoner's Gate
[08] The Ship Graveyard
[09] The Cavern of Wrath

Act 2

[10] The Southern Forest
[11] The Forest Encampment
[12] The Crossroads
[13] The Broken Bridge
[14] The Crypt Level 1
[15] The Chamber of Sins Level 1
[16] The Western Forest
[17] The Wetlands
[18] The Riverways
[19] The Northern Forest
[20] The Caverns

Act 3

[21] The City of Sarn
[22] The Sarn Encampment
[23] The Crematorium
[24] The Warehouse Sewers
[25] The Marketplace
[26] The Battlefront
[27] The Solaris Temple Level 1
[28] The Solaris Temple Level 2
[29] The Docks
[30] The Ebony Barracks
[31] The Lunaris Temple Level 1
[32] The Imperial Gardens
[33] The Library
[34] The Sceptre of God (3 floor)

Act 4

[35] The Aqueduct
[36] Highgate
[37] The Crystal Veins
[38] The Grand Arena
[39] Kaom's Stronghold
[40] The Harvest

Act 5

[41] The Slave Pens
[42] Overseer's Tower
[43] Oriath Square (inaccessible after killing Innocence)
[44] The Templar Courts (inaccessible after killing Innocence)
[45] The Chamber of Innocence
[46] The Ruined Square
[47] The Reliquary
[48] The Cathedral Rooftop

Act 6

[49] Lioneye's Watch
[50] The Coast
[51] The Ridge
[52] The Lower Prison
[53] Prisoner's Gate
[54] The Western Forest
[55] The Riverways
[56] The Southern Forest
[57] The Beacon
[58] The Brine King's Reef

Act 7

[59] The Bridge Encampment
[60] The Crossroads
[61] The Crypt
[62] The Chamber of Sins
[63] The Den
[64] The Ashen Fields
[65] The Northern Forest
[66] The Causeway
[67] The Vaal City

Act 8

[68] The Sarn Ramparts
[69] The Sarn Encampment
[70] The Toxic Conduits
[71] The Grain Gate
[72] The Imperial Fields
[73] The Solaris Temple
[74] The Solaris Concourse
[75] The Bath House
[76] The Lunaris Concourse
[77] The Lunaris Temple

Act 9

[78] The Blood Aqueduct
[79] Highgate
[80] The Vastiri Desert
[81] The Foothills
[82] The Tunnel
[83] The Quarry

Act 10

[84] Oriath Docks
[85] The Ravaged Square
[86] The Control Blocks
[87] The Reliquary
[88] The Desecrated Chambers


[89] Oriath
[90] The Templar Laboratory

Other Areas

[91][2] Mine Encampment
[92][2] The Menagerie
[93] Aspirants' Plaza


Name Description
Locomancer achievement icon.jpg
Tag each waypoint.

Version history

Version Changes
  • A Waypoint has been added to The Solaris Temple Level 1.
  • The Waypoint in Chamber of Sins Level 2 has been moved to Chamber of Sins Level 1.
  • The Waypoint in The Marketplace has been moved near Marceus the Defaced.
  • The Waypoint in The Ebony Barracks has been moved closer to the entrance to the sewers.
  • The Twilight Strand was removed from the game.
  • Added a waypoint to the Aspirants' Plaza which can be used to access the Plaza from any other waypoint.
  • The Waypoint in The Mud Flats has been moved to The Coast.
  • A Waypoint has been added to The Riverways.
  • The Dark Forest "The Blackwood" has been removed.
  • The Vaal Ruins Level 1 and Vaal Ruins Level 2 have been merged. Its waypoint has been removed.
  • A new area, The Northern Forest, has been added. This area has a waypoint.
  • Lunaris Temple Level 1 and Lunaris Temple Level 2 have been merged. The waypoint is now in this merged area.
  1. Locomancer achievement point
  2. 2.0 2.1 Broken Locomancer achievement point in 3.5.1