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Volatile Mines

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Volatile Mines
Notable Passive Skill
Volatile Mines passive icon.png
  • 8% increased Area of Effect of Area Skills
  • 30% increased Mine Damage
  • Detonating Mines is Instant

Volatile Mines is a notable passive skill that grants increased damage for mines, increased area of effect of skills and makes detonating mines instant.

Laying and detonating mines are two separate actions. Therefore, mine laying speed modifiers do not affect detonation time.

Detonating mines is considered a (non-damaging) spell, with base casting speed of 0.2 seconds.[1] During this time, two quick detonation animations play simultaneously; that of the character casting, and that of the mine(s) exploding. Detonating multiple mines at once does not increase the cast time.

When a player takes Volatile Mines, the player's need to activate the detonation hotkey still exists. It is only the casting time that is removed.[1]

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Ranger and Shadow sections of the passive skill tree have been substantially reworked.
  • The area surrounding the Witch, Shadow and Ranger has been redesigned.


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