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Version 1.2.0b

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Version History
August 20, 2014
August 22, 2014
August 26, 2014

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 1.2.0b released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

General Improvements

  • Added visual effects to the Assassin's Mark, Poacher's Mark and Warlord's Mark curses.
  • Changed the effects of Fireball’s area of effect.
  • Fixed an issue with Poacher's MarkPoacher's MarkCurse, Spell, AoE, Duration
    Radius: 22
    Mana Cost: (24-50)
    Cast Time: 0.50 sec
    Requires Level 24Curses all targets in an area, making them less evasive. Hitting the cursed targets will grant life and mana, and killing them will result in more flask charges and a chance to gain a frenzy charge.Per 1% Quality:
    Cursed enemies have a 0.5% chance to grant a Frenzy Charge when slain
    Base duration is (6-9.8) seconds
    Cursed enemies have (30-49)% less Evasion
    Cursed enemies grant 100% increased Flask Charges
    Cursed enemies grant (5-24) Life when Hit by Attacks
    Cursed enemies grant (5-12) Mana when Hit by Attacks
    Cursed enemies have a (21-30)% chance to grant a Frenzy Charge when slain
    +(0-10) to radius
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Poacher's Mark skill icon.png
    where killing blows would not grant on-kill bonuses.
  • Corrected the tags on Shockwave TotemShockwave TotemTotem, Spell, AoE, Physical
    Radius: 24
    Mana Cost: (21-39)
    Cast Time: 0.60 sec
    Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
    Requires Level 28Summons a totem that shakes the earth around it, knocking back and damaging nearby enemiesPer 1% Quality:
    1% increased totem life
    Deals (33-362) to (65-672) Physical Damage
    Totem lasts 8 seconds
    25% chance to Knock Enemies Back on hit
    Summons a Totem which uses the Supported Skill
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Shockwave Totem skill icon.png
    to include Spell instead of Cast.
  • Fixed a crash related to corrupted areas that were spawned in the map device.
  • Fixed a bug where stream status did not show on the Twitch panel.
  • Fixed various issues with PvP queue UI.
  • Fixed a full-realm crash.


  • Added audio notifications to mission failures.
  • Fixed an issue where Vagan would want to fight again after you had already completed an Arena mission for him.
  • Changed the number of Necromancers and City Stalkers in specific Elreon quests.
  • Changed mission completion rules so that mission completion is granted to anyone who left a sub-area less than 10 seconds before the mission was completed.
  • Fixed some cases where Tora and Catarina could spawn in doorways.
  • Prevented the Fracturing mod from occurring on several mission types.
  • Fixed an issue where Zana would not award mission completion for multi-area missions from other masters she asked you to do.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not exit Vagan’s Arena after failing the mission.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred at the end of Elreon’s mission where you have to feed the relic.
  • Fixed a bug where Catarina would give you the mission that required feeding souls to the minion when where there were not enough monsters left in the area to complete it.
  • Fixed some instance crashes related to Catarina.
  • Fixed an issue where you could run out of the totem boss Rua’s range.
  • Fixed an issue with Vorici target and guards spawning in inaccessible sewers locations.
  • Fixed various terrain issues in missions.


  • Made various corrections to crafting bench mods.
  • Removed the warning message for dropping items with gems in them in Hideouts.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting corrupted maps.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting bench text would change font size when turning red.
  • Made various improvements to the hideout object UI.
  • Hideout stash tabs are no longer erroneously shown as normal tabs on the website.

Beyond League

  • Added extra drop rewards for top-tier Beyond demons.
  • Removed the life regeneration aura from the Blood of Haast.
  • Removed "Monster Cleaves" display text from a bow-wielding Beyond demon.


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