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Version 1.0.0g

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Version History
November 6, 2013
November 7, 2013
November 13, 2013

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 1.0.0g released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Kaom's HeartKaom's Heart
    Glorious Plate
    Quality: +20%
    Armour: 931
    Requires Level 68, 191 StrHas no Sockets
    (20-40)% increased Fire Damage
    +500 to maximum Life
    The warrior who
    fears will fall.
    and Shavronne's WrappingsShavronne's Wrappings
    Occultist's Vestment
    Quality: +20%
    Energy Shield: (286-351)
    Movement Speed: -3%
    Requires Level 62, 180 Int(3-10)% increased Spell Damage(100-150)% increased Energy Shield
    10% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge
    +(30-40)% to Lightning Resistance
    Reflects 1 to 250 Lightning Damage to Melee Attackers
    Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield
    Shavronne's apparel became ever more extravagant
    as her body and soul became ever more corrupted.
    can now drop outside of maps.
  • The Orb of ChanceOrb of ChanceStack Size: 20Upgrades a normal item to a random rarityRight click this item then left click a normal item to apply it.
    Shift click to unstack.
    can now generate Uniques that are higher than the itemlevel of the base type you're trying to roll.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0.0f where some flask effects would not work.


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