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I'm admin on the English and German Path of Exile wiki and primarily take care of handling template/module/bot work on those wikis.

I use my own Python based toolkit for GGPK files (ALPHA - WIP) (PyPoE) to get the game-related data on the wiki.

Contact me here on my user page if you need assistance.

I also have two bot accounts:

Some issues I am aware of:


  • rework of the mod list template to make use of named args and relevant usages

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Hello! Modifier:NearbyEnemiesReducedStunRecoveryUnique~~1 Displays text that is not on an item in the game. specifically: "10% reduced Stun and Block Recovery"

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A lot of the vaal skill gems has multiple rows of "Can Store 1 Use(s)", see Vaal_Impurity_of_Lightning for an example.

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hm I have to think about what to do with that. It's because they have 1 use (regular) and 1 use (vaal), not sure why the game does that.

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Something happened to the Area data. For example: Area:2~9~town

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Should be fixed now. There was another place that actually used rarity data in the game module. Hopefully Category:Pages with script errors will clear up soon.

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On Crafting Bench there's a lot of oddly named "item classes". Is this intentional and something that will be added to the game module or the items table in the future?

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This is because they're the categories in the crafting display, they're not item classes per se, but rather groups of classes. I've wanted to do that page as direct export from data anyway, however it's a bit complicated with the location of the recipes. Not even sure if I put it into a seprate module or just on the mod pages at this point either.

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Fortitude (Passive_Skill:AscendancyChampion7) has redundant "reduced Damage taken", but it should be a part of Fortify effect. Can you fix it?

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I'll have to look into that.

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