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PyPoE - Python based toolkit for GGPK files (ALPHA - WIP)

I'm currently working on the Semantic Mediawiki rework and the general overhaul of the wiki as described here

I also update the wiki on larger updates using PyPoE extracting data from the game with my bot account User:BotK2. If you notice any issues or in particular incorrect information issues please leave a comment.

Some issues I am aware of:


  • rework of the mod list template to make use of named args and relevant usages

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Something happened to the Item_acquisition. Doesn't work with items. For example: The Fox

Avatar for Illviljan

It's because the item has duplicates in the cargo table due to the mediawiki update. Check the page values and you'll see it. The duplicate issue should hopefully be fixed by tomorrow.

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Seems to be fixed now. A null edit should fix the remaining errors.

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The bot ate some of The Wolven King's Bite parameters, release_version and drop_areas. Doesn't seem to be a entirely consistent error unfortunately, I looked on a few other div cards it seemed to do fine there.

Avatar for OmegaK2

Huh, that's very strange. Not sure how that can happen since both those parameters are exempt from being overriden.

Avatar for Illviljan

Somethings off with White Wind. The sell price refuses to update to something else than scroll of wisdom. I've null edited a couple of times now without any changes.

Avatar for Ruba159753

It looks like this has happened with all items.

Avatar for Illviljan

The implicit is being summed as well now. White Wind should be 10 alch shards and 7 alt shards, the implicit adds the last 3 alt shards atm.

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Found the issue. mod_data.type should've been mod_data.is_implicit. Probably some old coding style leftovers.

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Any specific reason for changing "Fire Corpse Pile" to Burning Corpse Pile"? I know that GGG shows it as "Fire Corpse" in the Fire and Ice Mystery Box list but the video lists it as "Burning Corpse" but GGG has many discrepancies like this.

Please leave a redirect when changing item names. It's easy enough to edit the Fire and Ice Mystery Box page but until I do that it leaves the ugly red broken link message. Thank you.

Avatar for OmegaK2

As I said before item pages should match the item's name. Redirects do not work for item links.

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You can add the old name to |name_list= parameter however. See Caustic Arrow for an example, it is an item that has been renamed.

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Hello. All the other PoE "body" pages are listed as "body Armour" so the "Deicide Body" page should be named "Deicide Body Armour" too. I had done this for Deicide but please explain why it got changed back?

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Item page names are derived by the name of the item

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