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I'm admin on the English and German Path of Exile wiki and primarily take care of handling template/module/bot work on those wikis.

I use my own Python based toolkit for GGPK files (ALPHA - WIP) (PyPoE) to get the game-related data on the wiki.

Contact me here on my user page if you need assistance.

I also have two bot accounts:

Some issues I am aware of:


  • rework of the mod list template to make use of named args and relevant usages

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Hello! Could you help with some problem I have encountered on the Russian Wiki? The bottom line is that when using the {{il}} template, it doesn't find an item if its name starts with a small letter You do not have such a problem on the Wiki, so can you tell me what needs to be fixed so that we do not have such a problem?

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I think the REGEXP used for matching might work differently ... perhaps it doesn't recognize the letters as lowercase of the other letters? I'm not sure if there is any way around that

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If you suddenly encounter this problem on the German Wiki, will you think about how to solve it, or just do not pay attention to it?

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This problem seems specific to Russian letters though. It's more of a problem with MySQL's regexp.If you can give me a specific example I can see if I can find a workaround

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If I understand correctly what you mean by example, here they are:

  • These are original names {{il|Iron Heart}} = {{il|Железное сердце}}
  • These are names with small letters {{il|iron heart}} = {{il|железное сердце}}
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