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User:CosmicChopsticks/Unique Monsters

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A unique monster. Notice its health bar has a bronze framing with dents on the top and bottom.

These are special monsters with fixed modifiers that appear always in the same zone.

Act 1

The Twilight Strand


The Coast

Fire Fury

Tidal Island


Mud Flats

Oozeback Bloom

Fetid Pool

Kadavrus the Defiler

Flooded Depths

The Deep Dweller

Upper Submerged Passage

Brood Princess

The Ledge

Kuduku, the False God

The Climb

Ironpoint the Forsaken

Lower Prison


Upper Prison

Brutus, Lord Incarcerator

The Prisoner's Gate

The Burning Menace

The Ship Graveyard

Fairgraves Eternal

The Ship Graveyard Cave


Cavern of Wrath

Amarissa, Daughter of Merveil

Cavern of Anger

Ambrosia, Daughter of Merveil
Merveil, the Siren

Act 2

Old Fields


The Den

The Great White Beast


Calaf, the Headstaver

Chamber of Sins Level 1

Plague Retch

Chamber of Sins Level 2

Black Death

Chamber of Sins Level 3

Fidelitas, the Mourning

The Crypt Level 2

Archbishop Geofri the Abashed

The Broken Bridge


The Weaver's Chambers

The Weaver

The Western Forest

Captain Arteri

The Wetlands


Dread Thicket

Aidan the Frenzied
Nadia the Soothing

Ancient Pyramid

Vaal Oversoul

Act 3

The City of Sarn


The Slums

Guard Captain

Crematorium Level 1



Marceus the Defaced


Captain Aurelianus

Solaris Temple Level 1

The Voltaic Seal
The Infernal Seal

Solaris Temple Level 2

The Goddess of Purity
Banner of Action
Banner of Passion
Banner of Knowledge

Lunaris Temple Level 1

Fleshrend, Grand Inquisitor

Lunaris Temple Level 2


Lunaris Temple Level 3

Piety of Theopolis

The Imperial Gardens


The Library

Tyrannursus Maximus

The Archives

Trinian, Intellectus Prime

The Sceptre of God

Caliga, Imperatrix

The Upper Sceptre of God

Paradisae Venenum
Imperator Stantinus Bitterblade
Draconarius Wilhelm Flamebrand
Compulsor Octavia Sparkfist
Alal the Terrifying
Kali the Crazed
Orcus the Reaver
Dominus, High Templar
Dominus, Ascendant