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Timeline of unique items

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Path of Exile contains numerous unique items. Currently there are 1,096 released unique items, including maps and items with modifier variants. Many of these items were designed by players who bought a Diamond support pack during beta testing. See also List of unique items.

Version 3.7.0

Version 3.6.0

Version 3.5.0

Version 3.4.0

Version 3.3.0

Version 3.2.0

Version 3.1.0

Version 3.0.0

Version 2.6.0

Version 2.5.0

Version 2.4.0

Version 2.3.0

Version 2.2.0

Version 2.1.0

Version 2.0.0

Version 1.3.0

Version 1.2.0

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.0.0

Version 0.11.0

Version 0.10.0

Version 0.9.0