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The Temple of Atzoatl

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The Temple of Atzoatl
Map area, Unique Map area
No Waypoint
Area level1
BossesThe Vaal Omnitect
Area type tagsdungeon, temple
Incursion loading screen.png
The Temple of Atzoatl area screenshot.jpg
Area has increased monster variety
An example of a temple layout

The Temple of Atzoatl is a large dungeon area. The layout and contents of the temple change depending on the player's incursions. After 12 temporal incursions, Alva Valai will have narrowed down the present-day location of the Temple of Atzoatl. Each type of room in the temple has its own modifiers, risks and rewards.

The player's actions in the incursions have significant consequences. By killing the Vaal Architects who guide the temple's construction, players can influence what rooms appear in the present-day version. During incursions, players may find keys that can be used to unlock doors in the past, allowing access to additional rooms in the future. Players can also upgrade the rooms they are building, potentially accessing greater treasures or dangers.


After 12 incursions, Alva Valai will open a portal to the temple. The temple contains different rooms inside a single area. The area level of the temple is determined by the average level of zones a player opened incursions in plus 10 levels, capped at the highest level of one of incursion the player did open.

For example a player opened:

  • 3 incursion at area level 72
  • 3 incursions at area level 75
  • 3 incursions at area level 79
  • 3 incursion at area level 80

equals an average of area level 76 plus 10 levels, would result in temple level 86. However, since the highest level zone completed is level 80, the temple level changes to that.

Only 6 1-use portals appear, like the Map Device portals, meaning you don't get infinite lives and tries to complete the temple; running out of portals to rejoin the temple means you have to do 12 incursions again to get into temple.


The temple is built up from different incursion rooms that each have different effects.


The endboss of the temple is the Vaal Omnitect. It is located in the top chamber, the final temple room.

This room is accessible if you create a route to it during the temporary incursions or the "present time" when you entered the temple from Alva's portal.

During temporary incursion, you can create a route by killing the mobs, until they drop a Stone of PassageStone of PassageThis item can be placed into an Altar of Passage to create a connection between two adjacent rooms in the Temple of Atzoatl. This item will drop on the ground when leaving an Incursion., then going to the door you want to open with the Stone and and opening it.

During "present time", if you have access to the Explosives Room (or a higher tier version of that room) during the temple instance, you can use the Flashpowder KegFlashpowder KegThis item can be used to destroy a wall connecting two chambers in the Temple of Atzoatl. This item will drop on the ground when leaving the Temple. found inside it to open a path.

The Vaal Omnitect drops exclusive unique items and Rare items with an Incursion mod.

Items found in this area

Dance of the OfferedDance of the Offered
Shackled Boots
Quality: +20%
Evasion: 74
Energy Shield: 14
Requires Level 34, 34 Dex, 34 Int+(50-60) to maximum Mana
+(15-20)% to Lightning Resistance
25% increased Movement Speed
You have Onslaught while not on Low Mana
Lose (30-40) Mana per Second
Facing their death,
the mind of a sacrifice
retreats into instinct and madness.

This item can be transformed on the Altar of Sacrifice along with Vial of the Ritual
The SacrificeThe Sacrifice4Six-Link Sacrificial Garb
Item Level: 100
For some, the price of power is never too great.
The SeekerThe Seeker93x Orb of AnnulmentAll that is flawed is worthless. The slightest error, and this might as well be trash.1

Version history

Version Changes
  • Rebalanced the life regeneration Temple-wide modifier with respect to monsters of magic and rare rarity.
  • You can now encounter Legion-themed rooms in the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • Reduced the life of Vaal Advocates and Enhanced Vaal Fallens by 25%
  • You can now find items that affect Mines from the Trap rooms of the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • It now requires 12 separate Incursions to enter the Temple of Atzoatl in the present (up from 11). This gives you an extra attempt to upgrade or change a room before you enter the Temple with Alva.
  • Introduced to the game as core mechanics
  • The level of the present-day temple is now the average level of each Incursion, +10, capped at the highest level Incursion for that Temple.
  • Introduced to the game as league mechanics