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The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8)

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The Solaris Temple Level 2
No Waypoint
Area level59
Area type tagssolaris
Tagsindoors_area, area_with_water
ConnectionsThe Solaris Temple Level 1
Vaal AreasSacred Chambers
Luminary flares extinguished by burning pride.
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The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8) is an area.


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Items found in this area

Boundless RealmsBoundless Realms4MapBoundless is the distance between where we start and where we start again.1
MittsMitts5GlovesThose whose hands are their livelihood know the importance of keeping them safe and warm.1
Forbidden PowerForbidden Power4BalefireBalefire
Opal Sceptre
One Handed Mace
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: 58.887.6
Critical Strike Chance: 6.50%
Attacks per Second: 1.25
Weapon Range: 9
Requires Level 60, 95 Str, 131 Int40% increased Elemental DamageGrants Level 25 Scorching Ray Skill
(12-20)% increased Cast Speed
Recover (1-3)% of Maximum Life on Kill
Recover (1-3)% of Maximum Mana on Kill
10% increased Scorching Ray beam length
After the fires swept down from the sky and swallowed the city,
all that lingered, as if locked in time,
was a memory of that which was gone, a whisper of deeds undone.

Some things should not be used. Some power is too great a risk.


Version History

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.