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The Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8)

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The Solaris Temple Level 1
No Waypoint
Area level59
Area type tagssolaris
Tagsindoors_area, delve_chest, solaris_area
ConnectionsThe Imperial Fields
The Solaris Concourse
The Solaris Temple Level 2
Vaal AreasSacred Chambers
Luminary flares extinguished by burning pride.
Act3 loading screen.png

The Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8) is an area with a Waypoint. It is connected to The Solar Temple Level 2 (Act 8), The Imperial Fields and The Solaris Concourse.



Items found in this area

The SunThe Sun7Rise of the PhoenixEach night, the light dies, and each morning she is born anew, embracing the land in her golden wings.1
Boundless RealmsBoundless Realms4MapBoundless is the distance between where we start and where we start again.1
MittsMitts5GlovesThose whose hands are their livelihood know the importance of keeping them safe and warm.1


Version History

Version Changes
  • Carpets tilesets are now align with the doors.
  • Introduced to the game.