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The Siren's Cadence

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The Siren's Cadence
The Siren's Cadence quest icon.png
Required Yes
Start Talk to Nessa
Objective Kill Merveil, the Siren, in her lair
Completion Enter the Forest
Boss Merveil, the Siren
Merveil, the Siren


Talk to Nessa to start the quest after entering The Cavern of Wrath or after encountering Merveil. The reward can be received as soon as the quest starts.

Nessa: Merveil dwells in the caves beyond the wrecks, at the head of Siren's Cove.

Leave her be and we can only hope that she continues to return the favour.

Quest Notification.png Kill Merveil

Kill Merveil, the Siren, in her lair. You can also talk to Nessa in town for help with the battle.

If you haven't encountered Merveil you can claim the quest reward now to assist you with the battle.

Nessa: If you must take your chances with the Siren, then have this. It may be of some help.

But please, know that you don't have to do this. Tarkleigh and I are getting used to having you around.

Quest Notification.png Enter the Forest

You have killed Merveil. Find the exit in her lair to enter the forest.

Nessa: First I thought you brave, then a fool for seeking out Merveil. A fool in love with death. Now... I don't know.

The coast is ours, thanks to you. But please, keep one thing in mind for me. What have you become when even nightmares fear you?

Tarkleigh: Damn me! I didn't think it possible. All those souls Merveil and her brood have consumed over the years... you've done right by those that are dead, and by those who still might live.

Quest Notification.png Quest Complete

Quest Complete - You have slain Merveil. You are able to travel to Act Two now.

Quest rewards

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