The Shaper's Realm

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This page is about the current map version. For other uses, see The Shaper's Realm (disambiguation).

The Shaper's RealmMap Level: 84
Map Tier: 17
Guild Character: ¥
Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
The Shaper's Realm (War for the Atlas) inventory icon.png
Level: 83
Sell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Maps

The Shaper's Realm
Map area, Unique Map area
No Waypoint
Area level84
BossesThe Shaper
Area type tagsurban
Tagsmap, no_echo, no_strongboxes, no_leaguestone, no_tempests
The Shaper: I see you, little mouse... you don't belong here. Run along!
ShaperMaps loading screen.png

The Shaper's Realm is a map area.

Depends on which set of map fragments, the area is either the arena for The Shaper fight (Key to the CrucibleKey to the CrucibleCan be used in a personal Map Device.; aka The Shaper Set), or the dual boss fight of Uber Elder and The Shaper (Maddening ObjectMaddening ObjectCan be used in a personal Map Device.). This article focus on The Shaper fight only.

The area id of the Shaper version is MapWorldsShapersRealm. The Uber Elder version is MapWorldsElderArenaUber.


The first stage of The Shaper fight is carried on the X-shaped area. There are 4 portals to arenas for 4 minibosses (the pool is draw from existing map bosses). After that, there is a portal to the arena proper for the Shaper. The fight is divided in phases, which the Shaper would teleport the player character twice to another linear areas for another minibosses The Uncreated and The Unshaped. Killing the two minibosses will teleport the player character back to the Shaper's arena.



The Shaper

Boss video


Items found in this area

The GamblerThe Gambler5Divination Card"I don't believe in karma. If it were real, I would never win."1
The Encroaching DarknessThe Encroaching Darkness8Map
No matter where your dreams take you, Nightmare follows close behind.

Read The Shaper#Items found from this monster for boss loots.

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

1Maddening ObjectMaddening ObjectCan be used in a personal Map Device.Use this map fragments set in Map Device for Uber Elder and Shaper dual bosses fightManual
1Key to the CrucibleKey to the CrucibleCan be used in a personal Map Device.Use this map fragments set in Map Device for The Shaper fightManual

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Shaper and Elder storyline is gone and has been replaced by a story that takes place in the aftermath of the old story.
  • The Elder, Shaper, and combined Elder and Shaper encounters can still be accessed. If you're lucky, Zana may offer a Shaper or Elder guardian's map!
  • Introduced to the game.