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The Lower Prison (Act 1)

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The Lower Prison
No Waypoint
Area level8
Area type tagsprison
Tagsindoors_area, act_boss_area, no_tempests, prison_area
ConnectionsThe Climb
The Upper Prison
The air is rich with despair and apparition.
Act1 loading screen.png

The Lower Prison is an indoor area in Act 1. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Climb and The Upper Prison.

The exit to the Climb spawns in the upper left and leads to a maze of cell rooms and cages. The waypoint is located in a random room.


Native monsters in this area can resist fire, lightning or cold. They deal physical, fire, lightning and cold damage.


Items found in this area

The SummonerThe Summoner6Superior Minion Gem
Quality: +20%
To own a piece of the Nightmare, you must first belong to the Nightmare.
The WardenThe Warden4Amulet
Brutus' first innovation as Lord Incarcerator was a weighted chain around every neck so that his prisoners would forever bow to him.

Version History

Version Changes
  • Zone levels changed from 9/37/54 to 8/42/56 due to 2.0 zone progression balancing.