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The Great White Beast

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The Great White Beast
The Great White Beast quest icon.png
Required No
Start Talk to Yeena
Objective Yeena has asked you hunt down the The Great White Beast
Completion Talk to Yeena
Boss The Great White Beast
The Great White Beast


The Great White Beast

Talk to Yeena to start this quest.

Yeena: A beast hunts us in her dreams. A great, white beast, tortured and maddened by bad men, a long time gone. She will come here one night, to tear, crush, and eat. Her pain tells her to. Find the white beast and end her pain, before she shares it with us.

Quest Notification.png Hunt the Great White Beast

Hunt down The Great White Beast in its Den, located in the Old Fields.

Quest Notification.png Talk to Yeena for your reward.

You have killed the Great White Beast. Talk to Yeena for a reward

Yeena: The white beast's spirit is at rest. No more pain. Take this, in thanks from me, and from the suffering animal that you have helped.

Quest Notification.png Quest Complete

Quest Complete - You have killed the Great White Beast and been rewarded by Yeena.

Quest rewards

The Great White Beast
Act 2
Chain Belt (iLvl 15, Rare)
Greater Life Flask (iLvl 15, Magic)
Greater Mana Flask (iLvl 15, Magic)
Heavy Belt (iLvl 15, Rare)
Leather Belt (iLvl 15, Rare)
Quicksilver Flask (iLvl 15, Magic)
Rustic Sash (iLvl 15, Rare)

Vendor rewards

No reward found.