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The Docks

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The Docks (1_3_9)
No Waypoint
Area level29
Area type tagsdocks
ConnectionsThe Battlefront (1_3_7)
Vaal Areas1_SideArea3_6
Life pales in the wake of progress.
Act3 loading screen.png
The Docks area screenshot.jpg

The Docks is an area in Act 3. It has a waypoint and is connected to The Battlefront.

From the Battlefront exit, the docks have a large central area with several paths branching outward. Stairs connect the higher paths with the lower platforms where boats were tied. Fairgraves and the waypoint are at the end of one path, and the quest item Thaumetic SulphiteThaumetic SulphiteEssence of pure thaumaturgy.
Apply with trepidation.
is in a chest at the end of another branch.




Items found in this area

Lucky ConnectionsLucky Connections720x Orb of FusingLuck is a fool's game, and I know plenty of rich fools.1


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