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The Dweller of the Deep (monster)

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The Dweller of the Deep
The Dweller of the Deep
Location(s) The Flooded Depths
Quest(s) The Dweller of the Deep quest icon.png The Dweller of the Deep
Resistance(s) Reduced Physical Damage Taken
Skill(s) Spawns Crustacean Snipers

The Dweller of the Deep is a unique Shield Crab (second form is a unique Sand Spitter) located in The Flooded Depths. Defeating him is the part of the quest The Dweller of the Deep. The Dweller of the Deep deals cold damage. It also spawns Crustacean Snipers.


Extra Cold Damage


Resists Fire (Second form Resists Lightning instead of Fire)

Map variants

There is no map that features The Dweller of the Deep.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Deep Dweller is now called the Dweller of the Deep, to be consistent with what the quest calls him. The other option was "Granddaddy Crab".
  • Fixed a bug where the Dweller of the Deep [sic] would leave a phantom glow effect behind after its first form died.
  • Fixed a bug with the Dweller of the Deep [sic] where he could leave behind a phantom glow effect in the shape of a sandspitter when dying in his first form.
  • The Deep Dweller has been reworked. He now has two new skills - in his first form he can disturb the ground, calling Sand Spitters to emerge and assist him. He also has an additional skill in his second form where he will fire a spray of projectiles at enemies. He no longer has the slowing aura.
  • Increased the size of the Deep Dweller's room and removed the large chest from it.
  • Increased the Life and damage of various bosses: [...], the Deep Dweller (both forms) [...]
  • Introduced to the game