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The Cage

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The Cage is a normal difficulty area in Descent: Champions. This area is entered from either The Haunted Dungeon, The Burning Cave, The Obelisks of Faith or The Chamber of Greed and exits to The Necromantic Crypt.


  • The Brute - based on Brutus, but is slightly different
    • Ground SlamGround SlamAttack, AoE, Physical, Melee
      Radius: 35
      Mana Cost: 6
      Cast Time: 1.00 sec
      Attack Speed: 90% of Base
      Effectiveness of Added Damage: (95%-125%)
      The character slams the ground in front of them with a Staff, Axe, Mace or Sceptre, creating a wave that travels forward and damages enemies with an increased chance to stun. The wave deals more damage to closer enemies.Per 1% Quality:
      1% increased Stun Duration on enemies
      0.5% increased Area of Effect
      Deals (95-125)% of Base Attack Damage
      25% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
      Deals up to (40-49)% more Damage to closer targets
      (2-75) to (3-113) Added Attack Physical Damage
      +(0-6) to radius
      Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
      Ground Slam skill icon.png
      - does not have the insane AoE that the usual Brutus has
    • Summon SkeletonsSummon SkeletonsSpell, Minion, Duration
      Mana Cost: (4-12)
      Cast Time: 0.50 sec
      Requires Level 10Summon Skeleton Warrior minions at the targeted location. They use a melee attack and die after a duration. If made aggressive, Skeleton Warriors will also dash towards nearby enemies.Per 1% Quality:
      Minions deal 1% increased Damage
      Summons (2-3) Skeleton Warriors
      Maximum (5-7) Summoned Skeletons
      Base duration is 20 seconds
      Minions gain 50% more Added Damage
      Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
      Summon Skeletons skill icon.png
      - 4 is the maximum
    • Pull Chain
    • Soul Eater - works on his own summoned skeletons
    • Resists Elemental Damage
    • Resists Chaos

Note: Unlike Brutus, The Brute does not spawn large numbers of various skeletons and does not use ground spikes.


Marauder Templar Witch Shadow Ranger Duelist Scion

Book of Skill (Grants two Passive Skill Points)

Items found in this area

There are currently no items that have a drop table specific to this area.

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