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The Aqueduct

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The Aqueduct
No Waypoint
Area level33
BossesThe Hundred Foot Shadow
Area type tagsdocks
Tagsarea_with_water, delve_chest, einharvultureparasite, aqueduct_area
ConnectionsThe Upper Sceptre of God
Vaal AreasForgotten Conduit
The rushing lifeblood of a long-dead Empire.
Act4 loading screen.png
The Aqueduct area screenshot.jpg

The Aqueduct is the first area of Act 4. It contains a waypoint and is connected to the Upper Sceptre of God and Highgate, though you can not travel back to the Upper Sceptre of God.


Items found in this area

The Carrion CrowThe Carrion Crow4Life ArmourFrom death, life.
From life, death.
The wheel turns,
and the corbies wheel overhead.
HumilityHumility9Tabula Rasa1
The ScavengerThe Scavenger8Carcass JackTake small pieces of things and then assemble them together1


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