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This template displays a notice that the page or section it appears on needs to be updated to account for newly available information.


This template should be placed at the top of a page or section that contains outdated information.

Always specify the reason an update is needed using |reason=, unless that reason is very obvious. This helps other editors know at a glance what needs to be changed.

{{Update|reason=Curses are now classified as Hexes and Marks since [[version 3.12.0]]}}

To specify that certain parts of a page need to be updated, use the first unnamed parameter or |part=.

{{Update|part=general description, mechanics and interactions}}

To indicate that a section needs to be updated, place this template at the top of the section and use "section" for the value of the first unnamed parameter or |part=.


The notice produced by this template will show a link to the talk page if it exists. To have it link to a specific section of the talk page where the update is being discussed, use |talk=Section title.

{{Update|talk=Changes in version 3.12.0}}

This template detects which namespace it is used in and changes accordingly. Using this template on a mainspace article will automatically add it to Category:Articles needing updates.


Update notice at the top of an article:

{{Update|reason=Curses are now classified as Hexes and Marks since [[version 3.12.0]]}}

Update notice at the top of an article about specific parts of the article:

{{Update|part=general description, mechanics and interactions|reason=Skill rework in [[version 3.9.0]]}}

Update notice at the top of a section within an article:

{{Update|section|reason=Legacy altering changes in [[version 2.3.0]]}}


Displays a notice that a page or section has outdated information

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Partpart 1

Part of the page that needs to be updated – Set to "section" when using this template in a section.

general description, mechanics and interactions
Reasonreason 2

Reason the article needs to be updated

Curses are now classified as Hexes and Marks since [[version 3.12.0]]
Talk page sectiontalk talksection discuss

Title of the relevant talk page section

Section title
Spacespace type

Override for the name of the space the outdated information appears in

{{SUBJECTSPACE formatted}}