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Template:Skill progression

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Template to show the skill level progression from semantic data based on Template:Skill or Template:Item (with skill gems).


General Parameters

Parameter Optional Description
The (internal) skill id of the skill to show the progression for. This is used to find the appropriate skill to show the progression for.

If this or page is omitted, the progression is assumed to be on the same page as the template.

The wiki page of the skill to show the progression for.

If this or page is omitted, the progression is assumed to be on the same page as the template.

Column Parameters

Replace <N> with the number of the argument. Start numbers with 1, and don't leave gaps. The order matters and each parameter must be specified for an individual element of N.

Code support: 1 <= N <= 9

Parameter Optional Description
This the full-length version of header field in the table.

The full description of the effect using placeholders should be used here.

This is an abbreviation shown instead of the full length version.

The abbreviation should be clear and short (only a few characters at maximum). Use line breaks, i.e. <br> to break up multiple words.

The lua pattern used to extract the value from the level progression. This must be an exact match and is case sensitive, to avoid case sensitivity errors it is an idea to copy it from the item description field.

An example for shock nova when attempting to add the increased shock effect means you copy increased Effect of Shock, note the i in increased is written with lower case, and turn it into (%d+)%% increased Effect of Shock where (%d+) calls the shock effect values and the %% specifies it as a percentage value.

Use capturing groups (i.e. ()) to capture each value

The replacement pattern to plug the values from pattern_extract into. Essentially this is how the values will be shown in each column.

The number of patterns here must match the number of values found.

Copy & Paste

Template for copy & pasting. Fill out the parameters and delete the unused ones.

{{Skill progression
|c1_abbr            =
|c1_header          =
|c1_pattern_extract =
|c1_pattern_value   =
|c2_abbr            =
|c2_header          =
|c2_pattern_extract =
|c2_pattern_value   =
|c3_abbr            =
|c3_header          =
|c3_pattern_extract =
|c3_pattern_value   =
|c4_abbr            =
|c4_header          =
|c4_pattern_extract =
|c4_pattern_value   =
|c5_abbr            =
|c5_header          =
|c5_pattern_extract =
|c5_pattern_value   =
|c6_abbr            =
|c6_header          =
|c6_pattern_extract =
|c6_pattern_value   =
|c7_abbr            =
|c7_header          =
|c7_pattern_extract =
|c7_pattern_value   =
|c8_abbr            =
|c8_header          =
|c8_pattern_extract =
|c8_pattern_value   =
|c9_abbr            =
|c9_header          =
|c9_pattern_extract =
|c9_pattern_value   =

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