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Template:SMW mod table

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This template is responsible for creating a html table row of versions.

It will format the row using these rules:

  • The first two arguments are turned into a cell with a link to mod page, i.e. [[{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]]
  • Any additional arguments are added as single cell
  • At the end a cell containing the tags will be added


In SMW ask queries, specify the following:

 [[Has name::+]]
 |?Has name
 |template=SMW mod table
 |outrotemplate=SMW mod table/outro


The parameters for this template must be supplied in the userparam parameter of the ask query.

There are two strict rules:

  • Format: argument=value
  • Separation: ,  (comma AND backspace)
Parameter Description Default
extra_rows number of extra rows 0
show_tags Whether to show the spawn weight/tags

Note: This is CPU intensive and increases load time massively.

type Display type, recognized types other then default are:
  • jewel
  • map
effect_rowid Used for type=map to break the effects down into IIR/IIQ/Pack size columns. Required when using type=map 0

Sub Templates




<table class="wikitable">
 [[Has name::+]]
 |?Has name
 |template=SMW mod table
 |outrotemplate=SMW mod table/outro


{{#ask: Has name::+ |?Has name |link=none |limit=2 |format=template |template=SMW mod table |outrotemplate=SMW mod table/outro |searchlabel= }}

Building Templates

In order to stream line how the tables and the headers are displayed on different mod pages, please setup new templates when applicable.

Template:SMW mod table/th/ For single header cells used by multiple intros to streamline the things
Template:SMW mod table/intro/ For complete header templates including the table, th and tr tags

Header cells

Location Result
SMW mod table/th/name
SMW mod table/th/effect
SMW mod table/th/level requirement
For generated item/monster modifiers the minimum item/monster level respectively. Some generation types may not require this condition to be met, however item level restrictions may be raised to 80% of this value.
SMW mod table/th/mod group
Mod Group
SMW mod table/th/spawn weight
Spawn Weighting
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