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Tarkleigh is an NPC that lives in Lioneye's Watch.

"Still alive are we?"

"Stay sharp out there."


Tarkleigh has taken it upon himself to be the de facto 'father of the brood' to Nessa's 'mother'. He is a former jack of all trades who has washed up on Wraeclast and found a new selfless focus in his mission to help new exiles arriving at Lioneye's Watch.

His feelings for Nessa seem to go deeper than he lets on.


Tarkleigh is voiced by New Zealand actor, Mark Mitchinson.


Fine work with Hillock. Where'd you learn to fight like that? No, don't tell me. We exiles have no history. Dominus took it from us the moment his Blackguards dumped us in the water out there. It's just live or die, now.

Lioneye's Watch

The walls of this old ruin, Lioneye's Watch... defensible enough with a few stout, well-armed veterans. But what have I got? Starving exiles with driftwood clubs and rusted dirks.

Still, there's the waypoint. A piece of locomancy. Couldn't use it until I found another one out in the Mud Flats under a rhoa's nest. Step on that one and you're back here in a flash... though I spill my lunch every time I use the damn thing.

Drowned Dead

The Eternal Empire has some right nasty leftovers. Whether it's something in the air or in the water, no one stays dead long in Wraeclast... not the first time. Can take a little while, but sooner or later corpses wake up and go looking for breakfast.


Bestel's a strange fish, best taken salted. That hat he wears? Plucked it right off the real captain's head. The captain didn't mind... generous fellow had given the rest of himself to the scavengers already.


Nessa's the best of us. Not one of Dominus' exiles, a wreck survivor. She keeps us from losing what's left of our minds.

Salem Sweet-tongue sang it right: "The fairest flowers bloom in the foulest places."


Merveil's a princess turned monstrous by the jewel she wears at her throat. If you have to quench your curiosity about Merveil, go look at the corsairs that haunt the grave of ships. Like any mother, Merveil's got hungry mouths to feed.


Rhoas? Overgrown chickens with a murderous streak. Easy enough to being down one by one. Just don't get surrounded. They'll talon your guts out and snap you up like a big, fat worm.

If you get the chance, have a rifle through their nests. The rhoas are a bit like magpies... got an eye for what shines.


The scavengers? Orphans of the Eternal Empire who've forgotten what it's like to be civilized. Especially the likes of Fire Fury and Hailrake... they make the undead look like responsible citizens.

And you know why the scavengers aren't banging on our gates right now? Too busy killing and cooking each other. It's a 'man eat man' world out there.

The Blocked Road

Piety's cut us off from the interior? That's bloody troubling news.

Reaching the Forest

I’ve travelled inland, on the Emperor’s Road via the Prisoner’s Gate. Had to skirt around Axiom Prison...that’s the holdfast of Brutus, the Warden. Bloody treacherous trip, it was.

Worth it? There’s forest inland. Game, berries, fruit...more food than we can scrounge here.

But most here wouldn’t survive the journey, Would be a damn sight easier if we could pass through the Prison. Tell you carve us a path up the coast, find us a way past or through Brutus, and you’ll have more than a few lives owing to you.

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