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Talk:Vaal Oversoul

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Attacks / Spells?

Are the rocks "Quake" are spell or attack? Is it evadable? -AnnanFay (talk) 02:29, 7 June 2013 (UTC)

Vaal Smash

Slam 6k fire and 6k phys damage is probably wrong. He gets hit at around 4:00.

He has 75% Fire Resistance and 28k Armor. It brings him down to around 350 hp, maybe less.

Damage Reduction = Armour / ( Armour + (12 * Damage) ) This is the damage formula for physical damage.


4527-4527*DR=2987, 2987 physical damage is dealt.

4527*0,25=1131.75 fire damage is dealt.

Fire Damage+Physical Damage=4119.029 damage is dealt.

He has 4403+68=4471 Life and ES. 4471-4119.029=351.9711, which seems to be around where he was after the hit.

If Vaal Smash hits for 6k fire and 6k physical he would've ended up on -1349 life.