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Talk:Skin of the Loyal

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Don't know how to add stats

The template system is quite complex now and I don't have time to learn it, but all of the stats can be seen here: (talk) 19:44, 3 December 2016 (UTC)

When you just want to write down the affixes quickly you can use |explicit1_text= instead of |explicit1= . This is how we've been adding the new unique items before 2.5.0 without knowing the correct mods. Finding the correct mod is more time consuming but wont (hopefully) require a lot of backtracking when GGG decides to update the item. For example the format change that affected all items or any numerical nerfs like Soul StrikeSoul Strike
Spike-Point Arrow Quiver
Requires Level 64(20-30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance+30 to Dexterity
Adds (13-18) to (26-32) Chaos Damage to Attacks
(8-12)% increased Attack Speed
+(100-120) to maximum Energy Shield
80% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge
40% reduced Energy Shield Recharge Rate
In this chaotic world
The rewards of the Soul
Outlast the rewards of the Flesh.
got in 2.5.0. I did a edit that you can check in the history later if you want a real example. --Illviljan (talk) 21:00, 3 December 2016 (UTC)