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"Spectres are downscaling with Map Level. So lvl 70 Spectre at 25 map will be 25 lvl, but lvl 25 Spectre still have lvl 25 at map lvl 50."

Could someone provide a reference for that? -AnnanFay (talk) 14:03, 13 March 2013 (UTC)

This is no longer the case as of 3.8. Now Spectre level is totally determined by the Raise Spectre skill gem level. --TheRealEdball (talk) 16:01, 20 September 2019 (UTC)

The article need a heavy rewrite in general. Neokowloon (talk) 06:41, 22 September 2019 (UTC)

Slave Driver Location

The page lists Slave Drivers as obtainable from The Slave Pens (Act 5). This is incorrect. It should be The Control Blocks (Act 5). They are desecratable there very easily. They are not desecratable in The Slave Pens.

--TheRealEdball (talk) 14:51, 20 September 2019 (UTC)

Niightblade(t) — Fixed.