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Summon Doedre's Effigy

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NameSummon Doedre's Effigy
Skill IdCursePillar
IconSummon Doedre's Effigy skill icon.png
Cast Time0s
Level Req.70
Damage Effectiveness100%
Stored Uses1
Damage Multiplier100%
Summons an effigy of Doedre, which will project auras of all the curse skill gems socketed in Doedre's Skin. These curses have reduced effectiveness.
Base duration is 10 seconds
Can have up to 3 Effigies Summoned at a time
Summon Doedre's Effigy skill screenshot.jpg

Summon Doedre's Effigy is a skill granted by the unique Doedre's SkinDoedre's Skin
Widowsilk Robe
Quality: +20%
Energy Shield: (375-405)
Requires Level 65, 187 Int3% reduced Movement Speed (Hidden)Socketed Curse Gems are Supported by Level 20 Blasphemy
Grants Level 20 Summon Doedre's Effigy Skill
Socketed Curse Skills are Triggered by Doedre's Effigy when Summoned
Socketed Curse Skills ignore Curse Limit
+(30-40) to Intelligence
(130-150)% increased Energy Shield
As she was sentenced to death, Doedre was silent.
As she was tied to the stake, Doedre was silent.
As the flames licked away her life, Doedre was silent.
But Wraeclast had not heard the last of her.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Is now Instant and has a 0.5 second cooldown. You can now have up to 3 Effigies at once.
  • Introduced to the game.