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Sprouting Madness

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Sprouting Madness
You are slowed.
Elder siphon skill and Sprouting Madness status icon. Note that the Ring of Death is not part of the siphon skill.

Sprouting Madness is a debuff from The Elder's siphon skill. In the super siphon, Elder will use Crystalised Fear debuff instead. Both skills also apply the debuff Fed Upon.

Sprouting Madness slows the player, but it can be dealt with by using a pair of Kaom's RootsKaom's Roots
Titan Greaves
Quality: +20%
Armour: 289
Requires Level 68, 120 StrHas no Sockets
Cannot be Knocked Back
+(150-200) to maximum Life
Action Speed cannot be modified to below base value
Unwavering Stance
Don't flinch. It's a waste of good hitting time.
. Sprouting Madness itself does not deal damage, but Fed Upon does. The player needs to move away from Fed Upon's Area of Effect in order to stop taking physical damage over time.


Sprouting Madness shares the same status icon with Fed Upon. The file name is known as "".

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.