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Spitter is a type of beast in the game


  • Resists Lightning
  • Ranged attack
  • Some varieties emerge from dead Shield Crabs


Name Colour Location Special Attributes
Sand Spitter Purple The Twilight Strand N/A
Gravel Eater Red The Coast, The Tidal Island, The Climb N/A
Gravel Eater Red Prisoner's Gate Can Burrow (Prisoner's Gate only)
Crustacean Sniper Cyan The Submerged Passage Emerge from Cave Crustaceans
Crustacean Sniper Cyan The Flooded Depths Emerge from Cave Crustaceans, Cold Damage
Scrabbling Spitter Brown The Cavern of Wrath Vulnerability, Emerge from Scrabbling Menace
Granite Eater Orange ? Fire Damage
Obsidian Eater Blue The Cavern of Anger Lightning Damage
Sewage Crawler The Slums Sewers Cold Damage
Toxic Crawler ? Chaos Damage, Resists Lightning
Shock Spitter Tora missions (legacy) Lightning Damage, Resists Lightning, Leaves Lightning Bomb when killed
Fossil Eater Untainted Paradise Extra Life, Resists Lightning


Name Location Special Attributes
The Dweller of the Deep (second form) The Flooded Depths Resists Lightning, Reduced Physical Damage Taken, Extra Cold Damage, Spawns Crustacean Snipers
Colossal Spitter Untainted Paradise Resists Lightning, Extra Life
Mother of the Hive Strange Sinkhole Allies Cannot Die aura, Spawns Spitters