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Axe Damage and Attack Speed

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==Version history==
{{Version history table header}}
{{VersionHistoryRowVersion history table row|2.6.0}}
* The [[Hatchet Master]] cluster has been improved.
{{Version history table row|?}}
* Attack Speed with Axes increased from 2% to 3% (in the 10%/2% version).
{{VersionHistoryRowVersion history table row|1.3.0}}
* The Templar, Marauder, and Duelist starting areas have been reworked significantly.
* Large elemental, staff, mace, axe, sword, two-handed weapon, weapon and shield, and dual wielding wheels of passive skills have been placed on the exterior of the tree, out from the Templar, Marauder and Duelist.
{{VersionHistoryRowVersion history table row|1.2.0}}
* The area surrounding the Witch, Shadow and Ranger has been redesigned.


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