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Version 3.0.1e

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hotfix released
* Fixed a crash caused by the low life tutorial.
* Fixed several other client crashes.
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The following hotfix was deployed after the 3.0.1e patch:<ref name="hotfix1" />
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We have deployed a small hotfix related to how Daily Deals are displayed.
This hotfix will not force a restart, however if your client is not restarted to receive the update, the login screen may show incorrect Daily Deal information.
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<ref name="Patch Notes">{{cite web|author=Qarl|date=September 14, 2017|title=3.0.1e Patch Notes|url=|publisher=Official Path of Exile Forums|accessdate=September 14, 2017}}</ref>
<ref name="hotfix1">{{cite web|author=Qarl|date=September 19, 2017|title=3.0.1e Hotfix|url=|publisher=Official Path of Exile Forums|accessdate=September 19, 2017}}</ref>


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