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Jade Flask

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| HelpText = Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.
'''Jade Flask''' is a [[flask]] base type. It grants the player additional [[Evasion|evasion rating]] for a short duration.
==Quest reward==
A magic Jade Flask can be gained as a reward for finishing the following quest:
*[[Intruders in Black]] in Act 2 (Merciless), by [[Templar]], [[Shadow]], [[Marauder]], [[Ranger]], [[Duelist]], [[Witch]] and [[Scion]]
==Version history==
* [[Sanctified Life Flask]], [[Sanctified Mana Flask]], Jade Flask, and [[Quartz Flask]] can now drop in all [[league]]sleagues.
* Sanctified Life Flask, Sanctified Mana Flask, Jade Flask, and Quartz Flask have been introduced to the game in [[Domination]] and [[Nemesis]] leagues.

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