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Slave Driver

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Slave Driver
Slave Driver
Location(s) The Control Blocks (Act 5)
Damage Lightning Damage
Resistance(s) Cold
Skill(s) Whip

Slave Driver is a monster found in The Control Blocks (Act 5) of Oriath. They have a whip attack that does lightning damage.

Due to their powerful nature they make a great target for Raise Spectre and are often supported with gems like Spell Echo and Elemental Focus to further enhance their damage.


  • Lightning Whip (65% reduced Cast Speed)
  • Slavedriver Lightning Whip (65% reduced Cast Speed)
  • Resists Cold



Level Damage
41 133 to 399 Lightning
68 668.6 to 2006 Lightning
73 886.8 to 2660 Lightning
78 1172 to 3516 Lightning
82 1461 to 4384 lightning