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Skill bar

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The Skill bar is an element of the user interface used to assign skills to keys. It appears in the bottom right of the interface, next to the mana orb.

The skill bar can hold 13 active skills, three on the top row and five on the bottom with an additional five that must be brought up in order to access. By default, the top row is bound to mouse buttons and the bottom row to the keys Q, W, E, R and T with the second bar requiring the Ctrl key in order to bring up. These can be changed in the Options menu in the Input tab, except for Mouse Left which is fixed.

Support skills applied to an active skill are shown on the skill bar as letters in the upper right of each active skill. A list of which letter corresponds to which support can be found at Support gems.


Hovering the mouse over a skill icon on the skill bar will show a tooltip with information about the skill:

  • Name
  • DPS / Avg. Damage
  • Mana Cost / Mana Reserved
  • Attack Time / Cast Time
  • Description
  • Specific details of what the skill is doing

The DPS calculation will take into account cast/attack speed, critical chance and multiplier, damage modifiers from passives equipment or buffs, and the effect of most supports. However it will not look at secondary damage (such as that of Explosive Arrow or damage over time such as Bleeding. The DPS section will be absent if a skill deals no direct damage.

If a skill has a cooldown or is a Vaal skill, or otherwise usually only hits once, the DPS section will be replaced with "Avg. Damage" and ignore cast/attack speed.

Similarly, if a skill reserves mana the Mana Cost section will be replaced by Mana Reserved. If a skill uses no mana the section will be hidden.

The details section will list most numeric details of how much damage a skill does and other effects and modifiers. However, some details are not listed here and can be found in the more complete Offense tab of the Character Screen.

Changing skills

Left clicking on a skill icon will bring up an icon list of all active skills available to the character, as well as three default actions "Default Attack", "Move only" and "Clear this slot". Either left or right clicking on a different skill will set that skill to the chosen slot. Skills which cannot be activated from the skill bar, such as triggered skills, will be greyed out in this list.

If a player sockets the same skill multiple times all will appear in the list, and can be distinguished by their supports. If a player has a Mine skill socketed, the Detonate Mines default action will also appear in the list.

When skill gems are removed or moved between equipment items, the skill bar will remember a skills location on the bar and return it if it is available. If "Clear this slot" is used to clear a selected skill, the skill will not automatically return to the bar when changing gear.

Changing weapons

Skills in alternate weapon slot do not appear in the list of skills. When swapping between weapons, skills which are not already on the bar, including those from the newly available weapons, will fill available slots, unless they have been cleared as described above.

Order of skills

The list of available skills is three icons wide, and as high as is needed for the number of active skills available. "Default Attack" is always first, and "Move only" and "Clear this slot" are always last. Active skills will then populate the list starting with each of the skills in the first gem slot of an item, then skills in the second gem slot of each item, and so on. Empty sockets or support gems will be skipped, as will any gem socketed in an item with red background because its requirements are not met.

Items are checked in the order:

  • Chest Armour
  • Main Hand
  • Off Hand
  • Helmet
  • Amulet
  • Left Ring
  • Right Ring
  • Gloves
  • Boots

The Detonate Mines action will always appear after the last of the first gems (i.e., after the first socket in boots but before the second socket in chest).