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a Karui Ghost

Siosa Foaga is an NPC found in The Library in act 3.

After completing A fixture of Fate he acts a vendor for all vendor reward gems for the quests you have completed, without the normal class restrictions.


Siosa's Ghost is bound to a painting of himself in the Library. He is a Karui slave that became a scholar. Icius Perandus described him as being humane to the point that he would "shame us all".[1]


Siosa is voiced by renowned New Zealand actor, George Henare.


Please, do not be alarmed. I am neither monster nor murderer, though that is the duality of existence that defines Sarn these days. My name is Siosa Foaga, and I have the bleak honour of being the sole scholar to the Imperius Intellection, this grand repository of knowledge you see about you. May Reason preserve us.


Is it the Karui Way to observe nature in nature. The fish without the sea is no longer a fish. It is dinner. The Eternals did not see it that way. An Eternal catches the fish, guts the fish, preserves the fish and places it in a box. Only then does the Eternal feel he truly understands the fish.

The Painting

It was a Karui motiata that discarded my failing body of flesh in favour of canvas and oil. An ancient song and a momentary lapse of judgement that I've had more than enough time to regret.

Four Golden Pages

In more mundane circumstances it would be preposterous to ask this of you, an utter stranger, but given that I don't know in which century I might see another pair of flesh and bone hands... There's a door, you see, concealed behind the shelves... it leads into the Archives. That's where Icius Perandus concealed his golden pages. Can you see how maddening that would be for me? No, of course you can't. Ridiculous of me to... suffice to say that they are beyond my reach. Four Vaalish texts they are, of priceless historical insight. Please, find my friend's Golden Pages and bring them to me. You will be rewarded. I vow it before the Ancestors.


  1. One of the Golden Page flavour texts reads: '"Siosa, your slavery will cause them to overlook you. Your Karui way will guide you. Your humanity will shame us all." - Icius Perandus'