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|quest2= Essence of the Artist
|quest2= Essence of the Artist
|quest3= Queen of Despair
|quest3= Queen of Despair
|quest4= Essence of the Hag
|image=Sin in the Bridge Encampment.png
|image= Sin in the Bridge Encampment.png

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Sin is an NPC, who first appears in the Chamber of Innocence, in Act 5. He also appears on the Cathedral Rooftop (Act 5) after Kitava, the Karui God of Corruption defeats you. After these, you can find him in every town in part two. You can reach the Pantheon with him, and he explains it to you.

He was added to the game with the Fall of Oriath expansion.


A woman gave birth to two boys, Innocence and Sin. Innocence had an honest and pure heart. Sin was disobedient and he lied. When their mother broke the bread, she allowed Innocence to eat his fill, as a reward of his honest nature. Sin was cast the scraps to remind him of his bad behaviour. One day, Sin stole a fish, and beat his brother until he promised not to tell it to anyone. But Innocence could not keep his promise, and bore witness to the Mother of Two. It was decided that only the purification can cleanse Sin's corruption. So their village burned Sin, to purify him. While Sin became ash and smoke, he moved into the watching people. Sin forced the people turn on each other, and destroy themselves. "As town and titan burned, the sky turned dark with the ash of Sin. There, amongst the raging ruins of his home, Innocence swore an oath. No matter where the ashes of Sin fell, his purifying flames would rise to meet them."[1]

After Sin became a God, he created the Beast, to free humanity from the tyranny of the Gods.

The Pantheon

The fresco of the Pantheon.
Kitava, on the top side. And Sin on the bottom side.
See also: The Pantheon

The player kill Gods during the part two. With Sin, the character can use their power after defeating them.


Sin tell many stories about other Gods, and the history of Wraeclast.


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