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Shavronne of Umbra

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Shavronne of Umbra

Shavronne of Umbra was a thaumaturgist and an important historical figure in Wraeclast.


Shavronne and Brutus

The Empire's second line of defence was a thaumaturgist named Shavronne, from a group of people or a location known as Umbra. When she realized Lioneye would fall to Kaom, Shavronne raced to the next defensible structure up the coast, Axiom Prison. She tricked or convinced the warden, Brutus, into allowing her to make him into a super-human monster capable of defeating the Karui. Brutus was never defeated by the Karui, although we don't know if they ever bothered attacking Axiom Prison. Although Karui carvings are found beyond Axiom Prison in the Coves, they might not have traveled there via Axiom; since the Karui possessed canoe technology they may have just travelled by sea up the coast.

Regardless of whether or not they encountered the Karui, according to Piety, Shavronne was slain by her very own creation.

Shavronne is attributed to creating four powerful artifacts:


Shavronne is battled by the player several times in the storyline: