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Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress

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Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress
Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress
Location(s) The Wetlands
Quest(s) The Puppet Mistress
Damage Chaos Damage
Resistance(s) Resists Elemental Damage
Resists Chaos Damage
Resistance(s) {{#ask: Monster resistances#ActBoss|?Has lightning resistance in normal difficulty|?Has cold resistance in normal difficulty|?Has fire resistance in normal difficulty|?Has chaos resistance in normal difficulty|format=template|template=SMW resistance row|mainlabel=-}}

Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress is a unique Carrion Queen located in The Spawning Ground side area in the western area of The Wetlands in Act 6.



You are rewarded with a minor god Pantheon soul upon killing her and talking to Sin.

You can level up her bonus for the pantheon by collecting the Module Error: Item link: No results found for search parameter "Captured Soul of The Winged Death"..


Version History

Version Changes
  • Added to the game.