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Rite of Ruin

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Rite of Ruin
Ascendancy Notable Passive Skill
RiteOfRuin (Berserker) passive skill icon.png
Effects granted for having Rage are Tripled
Cannot be Stunned while you have at least 25 Rage
Lose 0.1% of maximum Life per second per Rage while you are not losing Rage [1]

Rite of Ruin is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Berserker. It triples the effects granted from Rage and grants stun immunity while having at least 25 Rage, but causes Rage to degen Life per second while not losing Rage.

Rage will now grant the following effects:

  • 3% Increased Attack Damage per 1 Rage
  • 3% Increased Attack Speed per 2 Rage
  • 3% Increased Movement Speed per 5 Rage

Rite of Ruin only enhances the Rage effect, not any other effect that scales based off Rage, including the life degen and chance to deal double damage from Crave the Slaughter.

The loss of life over time from having rage is not considered damage and it cannot be mitigated.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now causes effects granted for having rage to be tripled (rather than doubled). Also causes you to lose 0.1% of maximum life per second per rage while you are not losing rage.
  • Reworked. Old mods listed below:
    • 6% reduced Damage taken if you've Killed Recently
    • Cannot be Stunned if you've Killed Recently
    • 25% increased Attack Speed if you haven't Killed Recently
  • Added 25% increased Attack Speed if you haven't Killed Recently
  • Added to the game.