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The story of Path of Exile progresses through a series of quests, currently spanning ten acts. In order to progress the storyline, the main quests must be completed. There are also optional side quests. Most quests give a quest reward after completion.

Part 1

Act 1

Enemy at the Gate quest icon.png · Mercy Mission quest icon.png · Breaking Down the Door quest icon.png · Cutting Off the Supply quest icon.png · Breaking Some Eggs quest icon.png · A Dirty Job quest icon.png · The Dweller of the Deep quest icon.png · Prisoner of Fate quest icon.png · The Caged Brute quest icon.png · The Marooned Mariner quest icon.png · The Siren's Cadence quest icon.png · The Way Forward quest icon.png · The Lord's Labyrinth quest icon.png
Enemy at the Gate·Mercy Mission·Breaking Down the Door·Cutting Off the Supply·Breaking Some Eggs·A Dirty Job·The Dweller of the Deep·Prisoner of Fate·The Caged Brute·The Marooned Mariner·The Siren's Cadence·The Way Forward·The Lord's Labyrinth

Act 2

The Great White Beast quest icon.png · Einhar's Hunt quest icon.png · Einhar's Menagerie quest icon.png · Intruders in Black quest icon.png · Through Sacred Ground quest icon.png · Sharp and Cruel quest icon.png · The Root of the Problem quest icon.png · Deal with the Bandits quest icon.png · The Bandit Lord Alira quest icon.png · The Bandit Lord Kraityn quest icon.png · The Bandit Lord Oak quest icon.png · Safe and Sound quest icon.png · Shadow of the Vaal quest icon.png · The Lord's Labyrinth quest icon.png
The Great White Beast·Einhar's Hunt·Einhar's Menagerie·Intruders in Black·Through Sacred Ground·Sharp and Cruel·The Root of the Problem·Deal with the Bandits·The Bandit Lord Alira·The Bandit Lord Kraityn·The Bandit Lord Oak·Safe and Sound·Shadow of the Vaal·The Lord's Labyrinth

Act 3

Lost in Love quest icon.png · Victario's Secrets quest icon.png · Sever the Right Hand quest icon.png · Fiery Dust quest icon.png · The Gemling Queen quest icon.png · The Ribbon Spool quest icon.png · A Swig of Hope quest icon.png · A Fixture of Fate quest icon.png · Piety's Pets quest icon.png · Sceptre of God quest icon.png · The Shaper quest icon.png · The Lord's Labyrinth quest icon.png
Lost in Love·Victario's Secrets·Sever the Right Hand·Fiery Dust·The Gemling Queen·The Ribbon Spool·A Swig of Hope·A Fixture of Fate·Piety's Pets·Sceptre of God·The Shaper·The Lord's Labyrinth

Act 4

Breaking the Seal quest icon.png · Niko's Fuel quest icon.png · Niko's Mine quest icon.png · Niko's Explosives quest icon.png · An Indomitable Spirit quest icon.png · The King of Fury quest icon.png · The King of Desire quest icon.png · Corpus Malachus quest icon.png · The Eternal Nightmare quest icon.png
Breaking the Seal·Niko's Fuel·Niko's Mine·Niko's Explosives·An Indomitable Spirit·The King of Fury·The King of Desire·Corpus Malachus·The Eternal Nightmare

Act 5

Return to Oriath quest icon.png · The Key to Freedom quest icon.png · In Service to Science quest icon.png · Death to Purity quest icon.png · The King's Feast quest icon.png · Kitava's Torments quest icon.png · The Ravenous God quest icon.png
Return to Oriath·The Key to Freedom·In Service to Science·Death to Purity·The King's Feast·Kitava's Torments·The Ravenous God

Part 2

Act 6

Fallen from Grace quest icon.png · Bestel's Epic quest icon.png · The Father of War quest icon.png · Essence of Umbra quest icon.png · The Cloven One quest icon.png · The Puppet Mistress quest icon.png · The Brine King quest icon.png
Fallen from Grace·Bestel's Epic·The Father of War·Essence of Umbra·The Cloven One·The Puppet Mistress·The Brine King

Act 7

The Silver Locket quest icon.png · Essence of the Artist quest icon.png · No Time like the Present quest icon.png · Web of Secrets quest icon.png · The Master of a Million Faces quest icon.png · In Memory of Greust quest icon.png · Queen of Despair quest icon.png · Kishara's Star quest icon.png · Lighting the Way quest icon.png · The Mother of Spiders quest icon.png
The Silver Locket·Essence of the Artist·No Time like the Present·Web of Secrets·The Master of a Million Faces·In Memory of Greust·Queen of Despair·Kishara's Star·Lighting the Way·The Mother of Spiders

Act 8

Essence of the Hag quest icon.png · Love is Dead quest icon.png · The Gemling Legion quest icon.png · Reflection of Terror quest icon.png · The Wings of Vastiri quest icon.png · Lunar Eclipse quest icon.png · Solar Eclipse quest icon.png
Essence of the Hag·Love is Dead·The Gemling Legion·Reflection of Terror·The Wings of Vastiri·Lunar Eclipse·Solar Eclipse

Act 9

The Storm Blade quest icon.png · Fastis Fortuna quest icon.png · The Ruler of Highgate quest icon.png · Queen of the Sands quest icon.png · Recurring Nightmare quest icon.png
The Storm Blade·Fastis Fortuna·The Ruler of Highgate·Queen of the Sands·Recurring Nightmare

Act 10

Safe Passage quest icon.png · Map to Tsoatha quest icon.png · No Love for Old Ghosts quest icon.png · Vilenta's Vengeance quest icon.png · Death and Rebirth quest icon.png · An End to Hunger quest icon.png
Safe Passage·Map to Tsoatha·No Love for Old Ghosts·Vilenta's Vengeance·Death and Rebirth·An End to Hunger


From Nightmare into Dream quest icon.png · Brave New Worlds quest icon.png · The Hidden Architect quest icon.png · The Memory Eater quest icon.png · Sanity's Requiem quest icon.png · The Eldritch Decay quest icon.png
From Nightmare into Dream·Brave New Worlds·The Hidden Architect·The Memory Eater·Sanity's Requiem·The Eldritch Decay