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Proximity Shield

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Proximity Shield
Proximity Shield status icon.png
An Undying Evangelist with proximity shield

Proximity Shield is a defensive monster ability, which prevents all damage originating from sources outside its radius.

Monsters inside a proximity shield take no damage from projectile or other ranged attacks unless they are fired from inside the shield. Minions, traps, totems and mines are a good way to get around proximity shields as they count as their own source of damage, allowing a player to damage the monsters without going inside the shield themselves. Proximity shield also does not protect against damage over time, even if the hit that applied it originated from outside the shield.

Players can gain the protection of Proximity Shield by raising a monster with this ability as a spectre.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Undying Evangelists' Proximity Shields have a shorter duration, and they use it less often.
  • Added a buff icon for being under the effects of Proximity Shield.
  • Fixed an interaction between the Headhunter unique item and the Proximity Shield Nemesis mod, where the Proximity Shield did not expire.
  • Added a new buff icon for the Proximity Shield effect.
  • Added to the game