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Private league

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Private Leagues are purchasable, custom made leagues that allows adding additional modifiers that make Path of Exile more challenging.[1]


When creating a private league they can be based on the permanent or challenge leagues that are currently running. It will gain all the properties of the league it was based off. If the challenge league is the parent, it will be possible to complete the challenges from that league as well.

There will be a selection of modifiers to choose from at no additional cost that makes the league more difficult. Such as Reduced Player Resistances, No Stashes and more.

Once a league has started, the mods cannot be changed. This is so that players who complete difficult objectives in the league can easily demonstrate that all the mods were present at the point that it was achieved.

Characters (or their entire league state) in private leagues can migrate to the parent league at any point in time, just like with regular Solo Self-Found leagues. Since Private leagues will only make the game harder this presents no fairness issues to the economies that the characters are moved into.

If the league is parented to the current challenge league and that challenge league ends, it loses its challenge league properties and becomes parented to regular Standard or Hardcore.

The league owner can invite players and set up new crowdfunds to increase the player capacity and duration of the league. They can also promote players to officers. Officers can also invite players.[2]

Private leagues are exposed to the regular Public stash tab API and can be indexed by any tool.

Users can add (or find) private leagues to a consolidated list via PoELeague.


Private leagues are created here and the initial cost is 120 points. By default, they last 10 days and have 10 player slots.

  • Additional blocks of 10 player slots can be purchased for 60 points.
  • Additional blocks of 100 player slots can be purchased for 600 points.
  • Additional blocks of 10 days can be purchased for 60 points.
  • Additional blocks of 30 days can be purchased for 180 points.
  • Additional mods that make the game more challenging can be added for free at league creation.

Additional player slots and days can be purchased at any time once the league has started.

It is not possible to extend a league further than two months.

The payment can be crowdfunded. Players invited to the league can contribute points towards the cost. Once the crowdfunding has completed, the league will be created. It is also possible to crowdfund later additions of time or player slots in the same way.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.


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