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While adding information about upcoming content is appreciated, the wiki should generally refer to the current version of the game.

At some times during the development of Path of Exile multiple versions may exist simultaneously (such as a beta/alpha and a live stable version), in those cases the stable or main version takes precedence.

Information about future content may be added to the wiki, but should always be clearly marked as such with {{Upcoming content}} for either the entire article or the section(s) it applies to. Please also provide citations where applicable (in particular for information from press releases or similar announcement).

Specific rules

New items

New item pages may be created using {{Item}} template, however the following procedure is required:

  • release_version must always be set to the version they're expected to be release. This is important so that the items are excluded from automatic lists on the wiki.
  • Modifiers on the item must always be set with textual version since the modifiers pages do not exist in the wiki
  • {{Upcoming content}} should be placed on the page as usual
  • unknown arguments of the item should be left out

Changed or deleted items

Items that have received changes or have been deleted should never be modified. They stay relevant to the current version of the game and there may be legacy versions of the item.

In particular no changes to {{Item}} template info should be made.

However, it is allowed to add changes to the version history section of an item page. It is also allowed to create new section(s) detailing changes to the item, as long each section is marked with {{Upcoming content}}.


Modifiers reside in the Modifier: name space and are exported/created by the use of a PyPoE-based bot.

Due to their usage in multiple lists and as many other things depend on them, no manual changes (including creating or deleting modifiers) should ever be made.

Modifiers may only be updated for the current main version of the game.

Mechanic changes

Mechanical changes should be generally detailed in a new section on the relevant page that is marked with {{Upcoming content}}.