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A system has been added that will automatically add divination cards and other items to the item acquisition sections where appropriate. Entries added by this system will be shown as automatic in the item acquisition section.

In order to make sure everything works correctly, the following needs to be done:

  • Existing automatic entries should be verified that they only show up on the items they're supposed to (for example, div cards that grant staves shouldn't show up on claws)
  • Items that have special drop rules (i.e. can't be obtained normally like fated items) will need to be excluded manually from this system by setting upgraded_from_disabled=true
  • The list of automatic entries can be extended with missing ones by admins (leave a comment on the talk page)
  • Any other issues need to be ironed out

Prior discussion can be found on the Community Portal.

Please use this page's talk page for any suggestions/reports regarding the system.

Known issues

Monster specific cards

Monster specific cards will require monster data on the wiki, so they'll be fixed by the time that is on.

  • Harbinger fragments
  • The Hale HeartThe Hale Heart4Item
    Item Level: 100
    Elder Item
    Though the years weakened his mind, his body remained deadly as ever.
  • The AdmirerThe Admirer9Atziri ItemLucian lost himself in ancient scrolls and found in those scrolls a love whose power bridged a millennium.

Not suitable for system

  • Emperor's LuckEmperor's Luck55x CurrencyThe house always wins. - better to be added to individual cards
  • Dying AnguishDying Anguish8Superior Level 19 Gem
    Quality: +19%
    Moribund, he gazed upon the journey taken as blood trickled down his chin. His eye closed on the city ahead that he would never call home.
    - card is no longer obtainable so no need to show it on all pages