Consider helping out in updating the wiki for 3.5.0 - see Path_of_Exile_Wiki:To-do_list/3.5.0.

Most of the game data is live. Cleanup of old things & new maps will take a bit.

Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list/3.1.0

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When a task has been completed, please edit this page and cross it out using <s></s>.

Data updates

What can be updated

The following things can be updated with PyPoE for the most part and should not require manual updates:

  • All base item pages (this includes skills, currency, quest items and so on)
  • quest and vendor reward data
  • All area data (Area: namespace)
  • All modifier data (Modifier: namespace)
    • As a result modifier lists will automatically be updated
    • Unique items that only had numeric changes to their modifiers should receive the new values

What needs to be done after

  • Check on the bot edits for correctness and potential mistakes; report errors on User:OmegaK2's talk page
  • For item pages created, add relevant information to the item and proper structure (see Path_of_Exile_Wiki:Manual_of_Style/item)
  • On skill pages, check {{Skill progression}} and add any new stats or fix mistakes
  • Unique items that have had modifiers added/removed/changed need to be looked at and corrected if necessary
  • Add new unique items and find the new modifier ids

Map changes

Once work by the bot has been completed, map pages need to be manually revised:

  • copy version history from original pages
  • Fill in details regarding any special map features (e.x. vault gold piles, hidden areas, etc) and map bosses
  • Add divination cards as they're found in game
  • Add nice area pictures to the area infoboxes. Arena MapArena MapMap Level: 76
    Map Tier: 9
    Guild Character: t
    Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    for example would use this file format: Arena_Map_(War_for_the_Atlas)_area_screenshot.jpg

Please add other content from patch notes that needs to be looked at here