Consider helping out in updating the wiki for 3.5.0 - see Path_of_Exile_Wiki:To-do_list/3.5.0.

Most of the game data is live. Cleanup of old things & new maps will take a bit.

Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list/3.0.0

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Data export

What can be updated

The following things can be updated with PyPoE for the most part and should not require manual updates:

  • All base item pages (there was bug with help_texts, reexport might be required later, but export is finished except for currency items/mtx/doodads)
  • quest and vendor reward data
  • All area data (Area: namespace)
  • All modifier data (Modifier: namespace)
    • As a result modifier lists will automatically be updated
    • Unique items that only had numeric changes to their modifiers should receive the new values

What needs to be done after

  • Check on the bot edits for correctness and potential mistakes; report errors on User:OmegaK2's talk page
  • For item pages created, add relevant information to the item and proper structure (see Path_of_Exile_Wiki:Manual_of_Style/item)
  • On skill pages, check {{Skill progression}} and add any new stats or fix mistakes
  • Unique items that have had modifiers added/removed/changed need to be looked at and corrected if necessary
  • Add new unique items and find the new modifier ids

Achievement Changes

  • The Achievements Breaking Free, Ascension, Vengeance have been renamed to Challenger, Leader and Lord, and are no longer gained by completing the story on various difficulties. Instead, these achievements are obtained by completing the first three Labyrinths.
  • The Achievements Fearless, Dauntless and Indomitable are no longer gained by completing the story on various difficulties in Hardcore. Instead, these achievements are obtained by completing the first three Labyrinths on Hardcore.
  • The Achievement End of the Nightmare no longer requires that you kill Malachai, the Nightmare with each class, and instead just require that you kill Malachai, the Nightmare once.
  • The Achievements All Ears, No Stone Unturned, Locomancer and No Loose Ends have been updated to work with the new act content.
  • The Achievement Cut Throat can now be earned by killing another player anywhere, not just in a Cut Throat race.

Difficulty changes

The removal of the difficulty needs to be reflected throughout the wiki

  • Template changes
  • Content changes
    • Monster pages; they'll have levels for other difficulties which is no longer needed
    • Act Pages need updating
    • Divination Card sections need updating
    • Prophecy locations need to be checked
      • Prophecy seal costs might need updating (at least the text saying they're for Normal/Cruel/Merciless)

New story

New bosses

New NPCs

Mechanic changes


Remove upcoming content

The following pages currently have {{Upcoming content}} set. Verify the contents and remove the template. {{#ask: Has upcoming version::3.0.0 |limit=1000|format=ul}}

Doryani's touch

Flesh out the page for the Doryani's Touch skill provided by Doryani's Fist.

Harbinger Language

  • Create a page, what does it mean?
  • Figure out how to add the symbols to flavour text on uniques.
  • "The PoE website displays them using the spritesheet here: poe:image and some css rules (in screen.css)"

Legacy affixes

Update the list of legacy affixes to include all the new 3.0 changes.

Update Labyrinth mysterious darkshrine reward/effect